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Full Service Architectural Interior Design

We manage and collaborate with you on every aspect of your home's interior design: meetings, programming, space planning and design concepts, furniture plans and placement, construction documentation, lighting selections, architectural renovation detailing, materials and finishes, onsite and offsite vendor project management, vendor subcontracting, ordering and tracking of all antiques, art, window treatments, and decorative objects, installation and delivery.

Full Service Interior Design

Do you have a new home or an older home and need the finishes, flooring, paint, window treatments, furniture and lighting planned, selected, ordered, tracked, delivered and installed? Unlike our Full Scale Architectural Interior Design Service, this offering doesn’t include the modification or addition of any architectural or structural elements.

Architectural Renovation Consultations

Do you need to consult experts in architectural renovation on potential improvements to your older or historic home? Our 50+ years of experience & knowledge in architectural renovation to older and/or historic properties leads many to call us in for a day or a week of consulting prior to construction.

Older Home Architectural Restoration ​​​​​​​Design Services

Does your older or historic home need interior construction updating? We have extensive experience in designing architectural elements that blend seamlessly in with older homes/historic homes. We can refer you to our trusted team of remodeling and restoration experts to make your home as comfortable, functional, and beautiful as possible. With this service, we help you save time and money by bringing an experienced and vetted team of remodeling and restoration contractors to your project, insuring your home's restoration and remodeling is executed beautifully, to your standards, on time and on budget.

Kitchen and Bath Design

Our 30+ years of experience in designing gut remodels of existing kitchens and bathrooms has given us a depth of knowledge in the intricacies of kitchen and bath construction and design that few can match, especially in older homes. You will feel, throughout the process, the peace of mind that comes from knowing the re-design of your existing kitchen or bath is being managed by deeply experienced professionals.

Antique Curation

Do you have antiques that have been handed down to you by family members? Do you need help deciding which ones to auction off, which ones to sell at an estate sale and which ones to keep? Our depth of knowledge in antiques and our experience in curating many heirloom antique collections for our clients over the years has made us well known in New England for this WKD specialty service offering and we invite your inquires.

Architectural Detailing and Construction Renderings

Do you need a design firm with deep expertise in classical architecture to help you design or re-create the classical architectural details and moulding that will enhance or restore the original character of your home? We specialize in collaborating with luxury developers, builders and remodelers who are working on older homes, and need our expert help executing on architectural detailing and hand renderings in order to ensure a seamless blend between the original and new.

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